EUROVENT CERTITA CERTIFICATION offers various certification schemes tailored to the needs of manufacturers and stakeholders on their specific markets. It focuses on certifying products performances as well as data needed to implement regulations. Our quality marks are Eurovent Certified Performance, NF, CSTBat, European Keymark, Green Flame, Ecolabel and CE Trade mark.

  • Eurovent
  • NF
  • Keymark
  • CE


The most widely known voluntary certification mark in France, issued by EUROVENT CERTITA CERTIFICATION, under the mandate of AFNOR Certification, for 11 product families, with reference to French and European standards.



CSTBat certification is aimed at construction products, to attest the conformity of the products and the relevant quality control system with the Technical Assessments issued by the CSTB for these products and with the CSTBat Reference standard.

EUROVENT CERTITA CERTIFICATION issues the CSTBat Mark, under licence to CSTB, in the fields of Solar Heating and Ventilation.



The Keymark is a European Mark attesting conformity with European Product Standards. EUROVENT CERTITA CERTIFICATION is authorized by the CEN (European Committee for Standardisation) to issue this mark (under number 016) in particular for Domestic Solar Water Heaters (Solar Keymark) and Milk Coolers. This certification is a valuable addition to the NF Mark for export markets where Keymark is recognised.



EUROVENT CERTITA CERTIFICATION is a body notified under number 2270 by the Ministry of Ecology, in respect of the Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC, for certification of factory production control of metal and plastic chimney products.
This certification is required in order to be able to affix the regulatory CE Mark for the products in question, with reference to the harmonized European standards.